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Our members are monitored by a specialized consultant who has been working in this profession for more than 19 years, attentive to their aspirations, in complete confidentiality and discretion.

But our agency is far from the old-fashioned and outdated image of marriage agencies: our approach and our tools are integrated into the 21st century! Getting to know each other to initiate your future encounters In order to get to know you better, and with a view to efficiency, we value listening and dialogue.

« SEUL on va plus vite, À DEUX on va plus loin! »

We are attentive to your personality, your wishes, your desires. We then study in depth serious correspondence with our members, supported by possible analysis of graphological and morpho-psychological profiles.

Quand je demande à certaines personnes le plat, la couleur et le musicien préféré de leur ex peu sont en mesure de répondre car ils ne se connaissaient pas assez. Si vous êtes dans cette situation, pas de panique! Vous devez montrer à votre ex que vous êtes prêt e à faire des efforts et à redevenir le ou la partenaire de rêve que vous étiez encore il y a quelques mois. Pour récupérer son ex après une relation courte ou en tout cas améliorer ses chances, il faut montrer son changement au plus tôt et ne plus avoir les mêmes habitudes.

Singles selected for a lasting and stable relationship Thanks to our seriousness and our experience, we offer you selected meetings of truly free and motivated people. We rencontre celibataire grec you in your search for a solid, harmonious and authentic love relationship Previous How to make the right choice of a real professional matchmaker today?

Trouver l'amour avec un grand A, pour quatre clients millionnaires.

A 7-day period of reflexion You have the time to think about it and to engage in serious meetings with Monceau St Honoré: after signing your contract, you have 7 days to reconsider your decision. Meetings with free and motivated people Because it is a question of looking for the single person who corresponds to your expectations and your wishes, our clientele is selected and composed of people really free emotionally, and also motivated in the search of the ideal partner.

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A national and international clientele, more than 19 years of experience and a modern agency The Monceau St Honoré marriage agency is committed to your agence rencontre haut de gamme montreal of mind and is looking for the partner of your life in a relationship of total trust with you. With more than 19 years of experience, a national and international clientele, the professionalism of the agency is no longer to be proven.

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A clear contract, transparent tariffs We maintain a relationship of trust with our members in complete transparency, which is the subject of a contract with no surprises or hidden elements, drawn up in duplicate.

You can thus consult our services and prices as well as our general terms of service. No distance or correspondence contract The Monceau St Honoré marriage agency systematically meets ALL its members, in order to better target your future appointments.

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Our rigorous approach ensures you top-of-the-range services and serious meetings. The Monceau St Honoré agency's clientele is both national and international.

Petersburg, Prague, Rome.

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Are you looking for a soul mate? Let's meet for a first appointment free of charge and without commitment.

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Why don't you take our free test? Are you single, widowed, divorced agence rencontre haut de gamme montreal loneliness weighs on you?

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Finally take positive action for your love life! Feel free to contact us for any information.

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And why not, let's get to know each other